About Us

The 5 W's Of DFL Games

Who is DFL Games?

DFL Games is the beautiful offspring of passionate lovers and very professional business partners Lindsey Vanosky & Daniel Lanza.

What is DFL Games?

We are the ultimate game store shopping experience. We want you to know we give a shit about you and your order. We're collectors first so when it comes to secure shipping, quality, and price; you know DFL Games goes the extra step.

Where is DFL Games?

Our HQ is in Denver but soon we hope to be providing you an awesome LGS pop-up experience like you've never experienced before.
No matter where you're located!

Why is DFL Games?

We've always had a passion for gaming. For years the two of us have been collecting games, playing TCG's, and even published a couple of our own. We always knew we wanted to open our own LGS (local game store) but the timing never seemed right. However, that all changed when Covid hit.

Now we're taking on this new adventure and there's no looking back. We hope you'll support us as we grow our brand.

When is DFL Games?

We started in 2021 but we exist in the present, same as you...

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