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Two-Headed Giant EDH Rules
4 Players
2 Teams
Hella sweaty

What is 2HG Commander?

2HG (otherwise known as two headed giant) is a Magic: the Gathering variant where 4 players form 2 teams of 2 and face off against one another. Much like a normal 2 player game these teams are seen as a single entity. Teammates will go through all their phases together however they can only directly interact with things they own or are under their direct control.

2HG Commander marries the two formats of two-headed giant and Commander/EDH. 2 teams of two playing a 1v1 commander game.

What are the rules?

There are a few ways to play this format but here is DFL Game’s official unofficial 2HG Commander rules:

  • Life starts at 60 for both teams.
  • The starting team cannot draw on their first turn.
  • Commander damage is 21 per commander.
  • Infect is 15 (cuz 10 is already lame).
  • All other standard commander/EDH rules apply.

How does combat work?

Combat in 2HG can be a tad difficult to understand at first. Here are a few helpful tips to get your started.

  • You and your partner enter combat at the same time.
  • You can only attack/block with creatures you control.
  • When you enter combat you must declare what player or planeswalker you are attacking with each creature. This is important for things like infect, commander damage, and some card effects.
  • You may block a creature attacking your partner with one you control.
  • Cards that refer to things like "attacking creatures you control" do not include your partner's creatures or permanents.


How do extra turns work in 2HG?

If you take an extra turn you and your teammate (will be boo’ed) will take the extra turn together. Same goes for losing or ending a turn.

Where can I purchase cards for two-headed giant?

The best place to get the magic cards you need is at your local game store but here is good to: DFL Games MTG Singles

Where is the best place to play Two-Headed Giant?

Join the DFL Games discord, we’d be happy to play with you!