DFL Games Presents

9 Lives

This 5 minute pocket game will have you and your friends lol'ing for hours as you find out whom among you is NOT a cat murderer.

$ 14.99 USD

About This Product

9 Lives is a card game best described as math mixed with hot potato and pun-related feline felonies. At the start of the game count the # of players in your group and select the cat with the same player limit. Each player is dealt 4 cards from the top of the deck. The nicest person who hasn’t started a recent round goes first. Each player takes turns playing a card from their hand with a number in the top right corner. The cat your group is trying to “not kill” is going to lose lives equal to that number. The player whose card reduces the cat’s life BELOW 0 is the cat killer and is removed from the game. Shuffle all the cards and the remaining players play again. The winner is the last player standing and will have successfully avoided killing any of these beautiful fur-babies.


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