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Ultimate Pie Fight Tournament Ticket

Are you ready to rumble!? This ticket gives you access to the Ultimate Pie Fight Tournament Aug 19th to Sep 16th. GLHF

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About This Product

Event Details ==================== - This is a mono deck only event - This event will last for 6 weeks Here is the PUNCH CARD for the event - - Week 1: 4 player EDH - - Week 2: 2HG (ally color pairs) - - Week 3: 2HG (enemy pairs) - - Week 4: Planechase - - Week 5: Final Catchup - - Week 6: Final Table - Each player may enter with 1 commander for each color * - Games are played and judged using standard EDH rules - Player scores will be determined by provided scorecard - All player scores will be public - Each week you may play as many games as you’d like. Your best score will be the one recorded * - Final table will consist of 4 players - - 3 top-scoring players - - 1 Player TBD Entry: $10 * Prize Support - - 1st place: Custom DFL Playmat - - Alt winner: TBD* - - Alt winner 2: TBD* *Additional prizes depend on participation. * Deck Build Requirements ===================== 1. Your commander must be mono-colored. 2.Your commander cannot be colorless 3.Your commander has no more than 99 decks on EDHREC 4.Your commander has an edhrec salt score of less than .90 5.Your deck is EDH legal 6.You may use proxies 7.You cannot proxy your commander * Proxy Rules ===================== - Your commander cannot be proxied - Proxies must be high quality - - Full color & printed - - Is equal size/weight/look to a real mtg card. - Paper proxies must be backed with a magic card behind them in the same sleeve - Your deck must be sleeved and completely opaque - Full counterfeit proxies do not require backing ***We ask you do not proxy any card with a value of $200 or more*** * How Do You Make It To The Final? ======================== - Each player can have up to 5 decks (1 of each color). - To qualify for the finals you must have a deck complete the entire "punch card" - Each deck you complete the punch card with has a chance to make it to the final table. - You may only use decks that have completed the punch card in the final game. ***Should you qualify with a green deck but not your black, you cannot use your black deck in the final game.*** * - The 3 players with the highest scores will qualify for the finals. - The 4th player will be decided based on alternate results * When Can I Score? ================== - Each week a new area of the punch card will be made available. You cannot submit a score for a week that is not yet available. - You may submit scores for any missed weeks or previous week up until the end of week 5. - You may submit higher scores to replace lower previous scores. This means if you submitted a score and find yourself playing another game and score higher you may submit your new score. The highest scores will be taken. * Can I Switch My Commander? ======================== ***You would lose all points associated with the previous commander The new commander starts with 0 points.*** * Please make sure to be part of our discord to participate in this event.


DFL does the best custom mats. Can't wait to see what the prize mat will be!
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